Lockdown Live feat. Molly Hammar & Tussliago

In these times of self-isolation due to COVID-19, entertainers have lost their outlets to perform live. Concerts, tours, gigs, you name it … gone! So other outlets need to be created and used. The most popular form is of course, live-streaming. The Lockdown Live project in Stockholm has created an opportunity for some artists to perform, in an amazing, full-concert setting and on one of the best stages in Stockholm, at Sodra Teatern. The added bonus is everyone gets paid too!

It’s not just the artists who are affected by the current world situation but all the production companies. So, this project also utilises some of the best, behind-the-scenes, guru’s in the business. To my suprise, I had no idea just how much is involved, setting up a professional, broadcast quality, live stream. This photo reportage hopefully captures everything.

This coverage is from Sunday April 19th 2020 and features artists Molly Hammar and Tussilago.