This Is Us

Tjena, Hej, Hola, Oi, ‘Sup …

Welcome to our little corner of the cyberspace world. A part of us we’d like to share. A concept which we have fun with … 36 Moments.

The original idea of this project came from documenting someone’s day on a single roll of film … “One person, one day, one roll of film”. Since then it has evolved into what it is today, our photography experiences and journeys. We’re still learning as we go along and we intend to share our magical moments, our mistakes, our research and whatever else we think will help people in the land of photography.

If you have any ideas, feedback, critiques, or even if you’d like us to post some of your ideas or shoots up here, let us know. We want to create a family and help promote and reach others.


The guys from 36 Moments.

If you would like to join the 36moments family, just “Get In Touch” with us and let’s talk.


Ronan Davis


Olof Ringmar