We spent a day with upcoming Swedish boy band, Coastline. The boys traveled to Stockholm for the day because they had to do some final touch-ups for their album.

The shoot follows Coastline from the morning, with a few hours free time for coffee and a bit of shopping, then off to the studio for some quick vocal takes, finishing off with a chill-out drink and games before packing up and heading home again. A non-stop day.

It was great to witness how hard-working the boys are, how enthusiastic they are and their willingness to learn. Working with world-renowned music producer, Herbie Crichlow, it was a great insight as to how the recording process works; it’s not as easy as it looks.

Currently, Coastline are enjoying a successful run on Britain’s Got Talent.

Be sure to check them out.

Click here for their Facebook page … and here for their You Tube channel.