Fave Photographer of the Month March ’15

It’s been a while since we wrote about a fave photographer, but we’ve got a good one this time. One that original brand cialis absolutely everyone can relate to. One which truly reinforces our saying “It’s not about the camera man, it’s about the cameraman”. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you … David Ruiz Luna.    We all love to travel, pfizer viagra no prescription we all love to capture the memories and sites when we travel. The original brand cialis interesting cultures, the breathtaking views, the locals doing their everyday thing. David has an eye for pfizer viagra no prescription these things. It may look like a simple photo but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Whether it be history, fantastic colours, or interesting composition there’s always a story behind it. If you go to David’s 500px page, each photo has a small description which gives you an insight into why he chose to capture that moment.

Take a few moments to escape and enjoy some great snaps from across the globe.

He was also gracious enough to answer our 3 questions:

1. If you could shoot anyone or johannesburg levitra any place, who or where would you choose?

I love travel around the world and know lowest propecia price different countries and cultures. I don’t have any preference at the present time. It happens spontaneously. Suddenly, I watch a documentary on TV o I read something about an amazing sporting experience or some get propecia prescription fascinating trekking in a country and I decide to go there, if I johannesburg levitra can, of course.
This year, I’m going to climb Mt Elbrus in July. It’s the highest mountain of Europe and it’s in Russia. Now, this levitra or viagra is my next goal.

2. We have a saying at 36Moments, “It’s not about the camera man, it’s about the Cameraman” … Do you agree?

I agree with you. Everybody might take photos in everywhere, but it depends on the point of view of the photographer. You can travel with a group buy levitra discount of people to the same place, although each one will take different kind of photos as if it was a different trip. Of course, if you have a good camera, you might when will viagra be generic? take better photos than others. However, I know people with excellent cameras and they don’t take good photos.

3. What viagra for her preparation do you do before a shoot? Do you buy pfizer viagra picture certain shots in your head beforehand or just go-with-the-flow?

Yes I picture shots in purchase viagra online my head beforehand sometimes. I suppose that it occurs when you takes many photos or you have seen a lots of photos. Indeed, you lowest propecia price might imagine how it would be with some specific kind of processed.

Photograph Ponte dei Sospiri by David Ruiz Luna on 500px
Ponte dei Sospiri by David Ruiz Luna on 500px
Love your work David.
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