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Fave Photographer of the Month March ’15

It’s been a while since we wrote about a fave photographer, but we’ve got a good one this time. One that absolutely everyone can relate to. One which truly reinforces our saying “It’s not about the camera man, it’s about the cameraman”. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you … David Ruiz Luna.

Fave Photographer of the Month August ’14

In t his episode of ‘Fave Photographer of the Month’  we, once again, bring you someone who is quite possibly not from this planet. His colours, vibrant; his lighting, precise. The interesting poses, backdrops and composition all come together to create one, perfect picture. Ladies and gentlemen, this month’s fave photographer is … Marvin Joseph. Hailing from Sydney, Australia but now living in New York. Marvin has gone from strength-to-strength. This has recently seen him delve into motion pictures and film direction. Having worked with Marvin previously, there’s an element about him that most creative geniuses have. Whilst in his […]

Fave Photographer of the month April ’14

We stumbled upon this project, REFLECT, and it hit us straight in the heart. What it does, is capture real convicts in prison and has each of them write a letter to their younger selves. Ladies and Gentlemen this months fave photographer is… Trent Bell!

Undeveloped Discovery of Vivian Maier

This story is too good not to share it with the world. An “historical hobbyist John Maloof bought a box full of never developed negatives at a local auction for $380”. Once he began developing the film, he realised this was no ordinary street photographer from the 50’s and 60’s. No one had seen these pictures before, nor heard of the photographer in question … until now. Check out the article and the pics here : Vivian Maier. Truly inspiring and jaw-dropping stuff.   you’ve just been blogged by Ronnie D

Fave Photographer of the Month Feb ’14

This month’s fave photographer is unlike our previous choices. However, it is a project which we believe is a MUST see for everyone. “Before They Pass Away” is a long-term project by Jimmy Nelson. He traveled the world for 3 years and spent 2 weeks living with over 30 of the most remote tribes in the worlds. Verging on extinction, he captures the way they live, laugh and survive.  The purity of humanity exists. It is there in the mountains, the ice fields, the jungle, along the rivers and in the valleys. Jimmy Nelson found the last tribesmen and observed […]

Fave Photographer of the Month Dec ’13

Way to Paradise by Kilian Schönberger  The landscape photography style takes our fave of the month once again and, it will probably dominate these posts more often than not. Ladies and gentlemen, this month’s fave is Kilian Schönberger

Fave Photographer of the Month Nov ’13

Dressing II by Emanuele Ferrari  This month we delve into the realm of models once again. Captured in a raw, natural style encouraging vast character with each shot. Ladies and gentlemen, this month’s fave photographer is Emanuele Ferrari.

Fave Photographer of the Month Aug ’13

Marie Antoinette “The Extravagent Queen” This month we choose someone hailing from Australia. An award winning Fine Art Photographer and Digital Artist, whose work, ideas and execution are mind blowingly, breathtaking. Ladies and gentlemen, this months Fave Photographer is Alexia Sinclair.

Fave photographer of the month July ’13

Abandoned School by Leszek Wasiolka  Urban photography has always mesmerised me. Finding deserted locations with vast amounts of character is, not only hard but, an execution of patience. Our fave photographer this month has found some abandoned beauties … Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Leszek Wasiolka.