Destructive Steps 8 // Sydney’s largest street dance event

Destructive Steps is a Sydney-based hip hop event which first started in 2009. It is an annual street dance competition held in Sydney, Australia that invites international dancers from around the world: Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, SIngapore, Malaysia, USA, New Caledonia and South Korea to compete against Australia’s best dancers in the categories of Bboy/bgirl (Breaking), Popping and other street dance styles.

Since 2011 Donna Viengkham has also stepped in the main roll to direct and produce the growing event that is fast becoming the biggest street dance event in Australia.

In 2015 the DSDA inc. was founded as a Non-Profit organisation to formalise the organisation of the event and also utilise the vast resources and network built over the years to better the street dance community in Sydney and Australia.