Kate Boy at Debaser Strand

So, last Saturday we headed down to Debaser Strand to check out Kate Boy. An electro/pop group of three, two boys on drums and pads from Stockholm and then the singer, Kate, originaly from Australia. They released their first singel in 2012, and have traveled the world since.

It’s mad to have these guys back in town and finally get to see them live. Such a heavy and well performed gig, and a hit in the face start of the night. With their song Northen Lights, you just can’t stop yourself from giving zero fucks about cold, gray winter nights and hangovers.

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Also a shout out to Teen Daze (CAN) that shared the stage with them. We’ve been hoping he’d come to Stockholm someday. And there he was 🙂  He has a much softer and dreamier sound, and that was the perfect build up.

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Hope you enjoy the photos, and we’ll see you in the future!


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