Contemporary Reflections In Season Show 2014

This spring we joined in on a fashion show by the Swedish brand Contemporary Reflections. Together with the store SOLO they turned the outdoor terrace Kåken into a Catwalk. A place usually packed as hell with clubkids together in a tight, smokey, electro and hiphop -vibe. This time more than ever the feeling that you’re never alone when out in Stockholm was delivered…


The catwalk was marked on the floor trough the crowed on the terrace, and as the show was on, there was no jumping around what so ever. We basically had to stand within the marked lines to grab some shots, and I’m lucky that it even was possible take photos with a camera bigger than a phone. I guess this type of “heavy mingel” is a love or hate thing… its like a never ending subway ride during rush-our, but whit a joyful crowed and impossible not to find new friends or run into someone you know. So if you’re obsessed with a lot of space, then you probably didn’t have as fun as we did!

Check out the complete set of 36moments from the night here!


As said before, this night was hosted by SOLO and the makeup was done by Toni&Guy and if you wanna see more of the clothes then swing by the Contemporary Reflection Website.

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